Hi! I'm Lior Shkedi, an illustrator and 2D animator based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Specialized in animation production - direction, storyboarding, design and animation. Previous collab with Adult SwimBrown Bag Films, Titmouse Inc, Simply PianoHands-Up Paris, Baby First TV, Studio Poink, and many more. Next to my freelance work, I'm also teaching animation in the Industrial Design Faculty of TU Delft, Netherlands.

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Previous work with:

2024 - ‘But the Earth Abideth for Ever’ Outline Illustration Festival
2023 - Design Kids TDK ‘Motion Graphic’ Presentation
2023 - TU Delft SPD Media Graduates Animation Gallery
2022 - Broadcast of Adult Swim Animation Ident

    Walks Alone Music Video Official Selections:
2021 - Supertoon International Animation Festival (Sibenik / Croatia)
2021 - Anibar (Servia)
2021 - Flipbook Film Festival Animated Music Video (Serbia)
2021 - ANNY: Animation Nights New York (New York)
2021 - AMVF Austin Music Video Festival (Texas, USA)
2021 - REANIMA (Bergen, Norway)
2021 - Taafi (Toronto)
2020 - Sommets Du Cinema D'Animation (Montreal, Canada)

2019 - Manifest: Animation Show & Tell
2019 - Book cover illustration of ‘REM’, published by Keren Zarka
2018 - Gif feature as part of Pictoplasma festival
2017 - First place at LoopDeLoop Contest (Tel Aviv)
2017 - Escuela Trazos article

    Place Your Product Here Animation Festivals Official Selections:
2016 - CutOut Fest (Mexico)
2016 - ANNY: Best of Fest (New York)
2016 - Animation Attack! (Atlanta)
2015 - ASIF Festival (Israel)

2015 - Taub Center Shenkar Student Award
2014 - Participation in ‘The Great Sketchbook’, published by Hagi Marom
2014 - Book cover illustration of ‘Aside home’, published by Keren Zarka
2014 - Book cover illustration of ‘Cross-Atlantic’, published by Omer Bari

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Illustrator, 2D animator and a storyboard artist, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Previous collab with Titmouse, Adult Swim, and Nickelodeon. Teaching animation in IDE, TU Delft.


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